About us.

carousel |ˌkarəˈsel; ˈkarəˌsel| (also carrousel)
-a merry-go-round. (ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French carrousel, from Italian carosello.)

The sight of  beautiful dreamy images spinning. Something that doesn't make complete sense but creates  starry-eyed images in the head. 

The obsession with making pretty little things lead us to the idea of Carousel. After a couple of years of contemplation (and procrastination , we finally decided to give it a shot. And what could be a better medium to reach the entire world with a single click than the World Wide Web.)

 Long story short, someday we plan to have a quaint store of our own with a pretty looking outdoor cafe. Someday, SOON.

For now, a very warm welcome to our itsy-bitsy Blogosphere. We will make sure we generate warm fuzzy feelings everytime you'll visit this page.

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A carousel at SOUTH BANK, London.